Little Grunt and the Big…Day


Today went by pretty quick as the students did ed performance testing in the afternoon, which took up about an hour and a half of the day. For math the students completed Assessment 17 that they started on Friday morning. The assessment consists of 60 math facts that are timed for four minutes. The students have to complete as many and as best they can in that amount of time. The students then mark what problems they completed in the allowed time and finish any unfinished problems during their work time. As for the main lesson in math today, the students were once again working with the tangrams. This time however, the students were learning how you can create the same shape using a different set of tangrams. So they were able to come up with around 4 ways per large shape that they could fill with different tangrams. The students really enjoyed this activity and also learned a lot about how shapes come together to create larger shapes. As for reading, the students read another story from their Reading Textbooks. This week is the last of Unit 4 which deals with animals past and present. Today’s story was called Little Grunt and the Big Egg, which was all about a young caveman, his family and his new pet dinosaur George (first image of this post). Continue reading


Fraction Fun with Tangrams


The students were able to do an activity today that was really hands on. I was only at the school during the morning today, as I had a mandatory student teacher meeting to attend at the University from 1:15- 4:00pm. However, the time I did spend with the students this morning was so much fun and they did an excellent job! We started math with the meeting board as usual and the students were able to find the answer to my somewhat tricky pattern of the day which ended up being add 1, add 2 and repeat. So their problem looked similar to 41, 42, 44, 45, 47, 48, etc.. For the main lesson we went over how to write a number in expanded form. So for example the students learned that to write 473 in expanded form means to write 400+70+3= 473. This concept really helps students understand place value and that when reading a number you really are just putting together the digits in each place from the ones to hundreds in order to create a number.  Continue reading