Welcome to Teaching “Tails”

I am excited to announce that I will be starting this blog tomorrow with my first day of student teaching! I decided to call my educational blog Teaching “Tails” as I absolutely love whales and will be sharing many tales about my teaching experiences on the blog… plus it is a fun homophone to use with my students. I love to paint as well and I feel that each student I will have in my future classes is like a color, each very unique with qualities that create an excellent masterpiece of art. My wish for my students is for them to enjoy learning and be successful in everything they thrive to do.

I worked in a fifth grade classroom last semester for my literacy practicum and now I will be teaching second grade!  I had the opportunity to spend the last two weeks of fall semester in the second grade classroom getting to know the routines, students and school rules. I am very excited to start this semester off with great activities and lessons. This first week I will start off by teaching just math and then add one subject on each week till I teach all the subjects. I am also currently working on a  social studies unit about the pilgrims and the founding of the thirteen colonies, which we will be doing sometime later this semester. I will try my best to post on this blog each day to update my student teaching adventure so that I can share what is happening in the classroom with parents, friends, family and other teacher candidates. I look forward to seeing the second graders again and cannot wait to share my lessons with them!

-Laura Hill