Most “Homework” is actually in class work which the students work on throughout the day and week. If the students do not get all of their worksheets done, some of them may be sent home to be finished over the weekend for the next Monday.

Week of January 28th- 31st

Tuesday, January 28th
Class Fact Homework 95-1
Guided Class Homework 95B

Workbook pages: 81, 79, 80, 87, 91, and 94


Wednesday, January 29th
Class Fact Homework 95-2
Fact Assessment 18-1
Written Assessment 18

Workbook pages: 85, 93, 90, 78, and 84


Thursday, January 30th
Class Fact Homework 96B
Guided Class Homework 96B

Workbook pages: 86, 77, 89, and 92


Friday, January 31st
Class Fact Homework 97B
Guided Class Homework 97B

Workbook pages: 82, 88 and 83

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