Snowy Day Back

OneSnowyDay01Not too much to report for today. Since we missed Friday’s class we did a lot of make-up work today as well as finish the Abraham Lincoln biographies. It has been really windy all day with the snow blowing in our faces as we exit the school. We started a very fun graphing activity today about what students will miss most about winter and what they look forward to in spring. Other than make up work and the usual math lessons, today wasn’t too exciting.

Although in science we did play a really fun predator vs. prey game that taught the students what happens in live situations with animals. We really got the full experience of living in different climates as we walked through the blowing snow to another building on school grounds to play the game. Since it was so cold, we talked about fur, shelter and big feet as adaptations animals in cold weather environment need. I am hoping the wind stops tonight as I really do not want another snow day tomorrow. The students are going to be starting an exciting timeline biography project tomorrow and I want them to have as much time as possible to work on it. Sorry I did not write more than this today, I am quite tired from grading and the snow on top of an upset stomach leads me to feeling tired and ready for bed!

Till tomorrow, have a wonderful night everyone!

-Laura Hill


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