Write on His Profile


Since it is starting to snow and my internet is becoming slower, I will write a rather small bit about today’s work in the second grade classroom. We began the day as usual and then worked on an aw/au vowel sounds worksheet which had the students completing a word search for spelling vocabulary. This was rather difficult for many of the students as the “aught” portion of many words stumps the students. Daughter, naughty, and caught are just some of the words the students worked with this morning. Most of the day was spent completing the Reading Theme 4 Test and editing/revising our biographies about Abraham Lincoln. Many of the students were able to revise their draft and begin writing their final draft. Since the Lincoln biographies are part of our monthly quit project, the students wrote their final draft on a white profile of Abraham Lincoln (similar to the picture on the right). I was very and I mean very impressed by how hard the students worked to get things done today, especially with their biographies.

rudolph In math today we worked on finding one half of a number using the drawing a picture strategy. The students noticed the pattern of adding doubles of numbers can help them find the half. For instance 7+7=14 and one half of 14 is 7. Then they students just worked individually on their worksheet that went along with the math. In reading we read the last of our Biography Unit’s story. Today’s biography was about Wilma Rudolph (image on the left) whom was the youngest woman in history to join the U.S.A. Olympic Track Team. The students discovered that she won 3 gold medals and a bronze medal in the Olympics and was eventually voted into the Olympic Hall of Fame.

The afternoon went by quickly as the students worked on editing their papers, going to P.E.and having social studies and science. It looks like we are going to be getting quite a bit of snow this evening, but I am praying that school is still on tomorrow so the students can complete their final drafts of the biographies and complete their spelling test. Till tomorrow, I hope everyone has a warm, safe and wonderful evening!

-Laura Hill


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