Mighty Regrouping Dinosaurs


It was a very challenging Wednesday for the students today. During our math time, the students once again visited the new realm of two-digit subtraction using regrouping. This time I showed the students another way to count numbers and regroup using base ten blocks. The students were given some subtraction problem examples and we would work through the regrouping process as a class. This is a brand new concept to the students so they once again had a very tough time figuring it out. I will say that I am very proud for how hard the second graders worked during math yesterday. We were doing math for a long time to just keep practicing. I could really start to see improvement and some “light bulbs” go off in the students throughout the day. Towards the end of the day, I had a one-on-one conference with many of the students to go over regrouping and sure enough many of them had figured out regrouping and were able to do some problems on their own with guidance!! I couldn’t be more happier when each student had their breakthrough with regrouping subtraction. Now the key is for me to keep letting the students practice so that they will all have regrouping mastered. It is going to take quite some time for that, but it is a goal I know the students can reach.

TyrannosaurusIn reading today, the students read a non-fiction story called Mighty Dinosaurs, which gave them facts about meat eating and plant eating dinosaurs. This was a great tie-in to what the students are doing in science as they just learned about herbivores and carnivores. The students seemed to really like the dinosaur facts and had tons of things to say about them, especially about the Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex). We then worked as a class to fill out a main idea and details chart which allowed the students time to go back and revisit parts of the story to find exactly what each page was presenting to them. We also talked about what the pictures of the dinosaurs told us and the theories for how the dinosaurs went extinct.

I am excited for what tomorrow has in store as we will be doing our very first multiplication facts (multiplying by 10). Till tomorrow, I hope you all have a wonderful night!

-Laura Hill


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