Another week has gone by so fast


I apologize for not writing about what happened in the class yesterday. I have come down with some weird throat bug that has made my voice very raspy and minimal, so I took yesterday evening to lay down and get some rest. But here is a quick write-up about yesterday….

Our math lesson was quick as most of the morning we were giving the DIBLES test to the students. DIBELS is a literacy test given to the students at the beginning, middle and end of the year. If you want to find out more about DIBELS, click on the logo at the bottom of this post to be taken to the main website for the text. In reading yesterday, the second graders worked on a highlighting activity. The activity had the class highlighting the nouns in a short story and then re-writing the sentences adding adjectives to describe the nouns they had highlighted. The students came up with a lot of a great adjectives and we created a more interesting story by adding them to the nouns. For the rest of the day, the students just worked on their activities and workbook pages.

Today was a very busy catch-up day. The third graders did DIBELS testing today so most of the morning the second graders and third graders watched Despicable Me 2 in our classroom while the other students took the test.  Yesterday’s was the second benchmark/middle of the year test. However, the students still worked on their DLR and meeting board math sheets as well as any make-up or catch-up work they needed to finish. The students had their spelling test today, which I gave to part of the class. They then headed off to art for the first time this semester.

Today’s math lesson had the students working with the subtracting 6 wrap-ups and the main part of the lesson was all about the guess and check strategy. We worked together as a class to solve side A of the activity. It had asked the students how many items from the school store a girl could buy with $1.00 given the price of each item. The students had to make a guess and check chart to find which possible combination of three things the girl could buy. Guess and check is a nice skill for students to use because it gives them the opportunity to go back and see if their guess, or what they thought was the right answer truly was correct. I have attached some guess and check worksheets and activities you can do with students at home to the bottom of this post.

As for reading today, the students worked on parts of a dictionary, writing a letter and plural possessive nouns such as rabbits’ and puppies’ in sentences. The students worked really hard today and got all caught up with their weekly work, so all papers have been graded and all grades are posted on infinite campus as of 3:40pm today. I wish all of you; my students, second grade parents, friends and families a wonderful weekend and my next post will be about the professional development day on Monday the 20th. I look forward to learning more about what is in store for the staff and students throughout this semester.


Dibels Information: (click the logo)


Guess and Check Worksheets/Activities:

-Laura Hill


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