A Busy day Back

Today was my first day teaching the entire morning with math and reading. It was very busy so we were constantly on our feet helping the kids, working with technology and getting materials prepared. In math today, the students learned how to write cents in two different ways. One way is using the cent symbol they are use to and the other way is to write it out using a dollar sign. The students caught onto this really fast so the math went by rather quickly as the students completed their worksheets. I also designed a clock practice sheet which the students used along  with small clocks to practice telling time. The students have been somewhat struggling to get their little hand as the hour and big hand as the minutes. We practiced turning the clock hands to set specific times. I used the larger Judy clock in the front of the room to ask them questions about what time I had set. This activity seemed to help many of the struggling students, and was also a great review for other students.


In reading, we read the story The Great Ball Game retold by Joseph Bruchac. The students seemed to like the story as one of the characters was a bat. Since the students had studied bats earlier in the year, they were able to recall many facts about bats, which helped them figure out parts of the story. We went over the summarizing skill and I had the students summarize different parts of the story as they read. We also discussed cause and effect and how one event that happened in the story lead to another event. We finished the story by completing a fun crossword puzzle using context clues from the text. It was a little difficult for the students to not use their background knowledge to answer the questions, but eventually we were able to write down clues and answers directly from the text.

-Laura Hill


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