Colorful Tile Day

Yet another day has gone by really fast. The students worked really hard today and we got through a lot of material in math. The day started off with the Daily Language Review again and the students turned them in for their weekly grade. We have been working on using an apostrophe for showing possession, so that was a main component of the DLR. As far as math goes,  the objectives for lesson 83 were to learn how to read and draw fractional parts of a set. The kids had a wonderful time today using square colored tiles to learn about fractional parts of a set. We talked about how the different colors in the tiles represented certain fractions up through sixths. So the students had the opportunity to have some fun with manipulatives while learning fractions at the same time!

The image below shows just some of the fractions the students learned about today using their colored tiles. The rest of math had the students drawing shapes and coloring them to represent fractions up to sixths. We also reviewed our 3 and 4 subtraction facts, using an analogue clock and using pictographs with a scale of 2.



Later in the day, the students had the opportunity to read January’s weekly scholastic reader. This month’s issue is titled  “Peekaboo Penguins” and is about the newly developed penguin cameras, which have helped scientists find out more about the lives of penguins without harming or disturbing their ground. The students also got to watch a short video about penguins which was filmed by the hidden cameras. I have provided the links to the online issue, lesson plan and other printable resources for parents at home, teachers and fellow student teachers.

Digital Issue:

January Issue Lesson Plan:

Online Resources:

We did more work in our reading packets and discussed more information about the ants we read about yesterday. During science the students talked more about producers, consumers and decomposers during our unit about how plants and animals interact. The students read in pairs and did a nice job working together to answer the questions about how species get their food.

I am very excited for tomorrow’s lesson as the students will learn more about fractions using tangrams. The students will have the opportunity to create their own tangrams out of construction paper and will use them with a fun fraction activity. They also get to keep their tangram sets to use later in the year. Hope the families at home have a great rest of the evening and I look forward to tomorrow’s math lesson!

-Laura Hill


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